The Prehistoric Settlement of Skarkos

At a very short distance from the harbour of Ios island, on a small hill next to the town of Ios, the archaeological hoe brought to the light one of the most important Prehistoric Cycladic settlements.

On the hill of Skarkos, as Mariza Marthari, director of Inland Revenue of Antiquities, reported in one of her interviews “… lies the biggest until today known settlement from the Beginning of the Cycladic period, during its peak, in the middle of the 3rd millenium BC, built on a hill engulfed by the spacious harbour of Ios island and being one of the most excellent centres and ports of that time. The state it can be found today is unique for the period of the 2nd millenium BC and allows us to discover first hand the well evolved architectural skills of the people in that period.

The settlement had an organised urban planning and a modern system of rain  water disposal as well as a sewage system. Its buildings were two-storied with impressive morphological elements, like stone-built scales, domes, built-in door cases and stone covered floors... “ she then continues saying that ”… inside the buildings we found a lot of metal, bone and stone made utensiles and tools as well as impressive earthen pots and containers. These mobile discoveries were found in their original place during the excavation and are very well perserved. In the last three years they managed to find official seals, made out of bone or stone, as well as numerous sealed objects, a very rare case for a prehistoric settlement. All these facts reveal the structure of the society and how its so much more complex than originally believed... “

The sight of the prehistoric settlement of Skarkos, thanks to the hard work put from the KA Inland Revenue for the Antiquities of the Cyclades, has been awarded back in 2008 with the EU Cultural Heritage Award for the category 'Maintainance of archaeological sites'. Right before the settlement sight there is a parking for the visitors, but I suggest you leave your car way before reaching it. The archaelogical site is on the most cultivated regions of Ios island, the Kato Kabos and the surrounding environment and the traditionally built stone walls will import you in the best way possible into the unique world of the Skarkos Ancient Settlement sight.