Holidays in Ios Island

Holidays in Ios island will primarily offer you complete relaxation from the exhausting lifestyle of the city. This much needed relaxation was generously offered to me from the soft sandy beaches kissed by its turquoise, crystal waters. In Ios island wherever you choose to swim you will have the much needed feeling of taking a real holiday: you are somewhere else... out of reach.

Even at the beach close to the harbour of Ios, next to the traditionally built Town, the only thing that could snap you out of that 'out of reach' feeling are the frequent arrivals of all sorts of ferries and boats approaching the harbour bringing more visitors to the island. You can try and imagine the feeling when one swims at Magganari or Agia Theodoti beach - truly two small Cycladic heavens.

Of course none of Ios' beaches fall short of beauty, however please allow me to have a few of my favourites. If during your holidays you choose to remain within the region of the Harbour/Main Town/Mylopotas – in the past being the only accessible region of Ios – I would suggest you to park you car or bike for good and just walk. Trust me, you wont regret it.

Do the big walk starting from the church of Agia Irini, located at the edge of the harbour, all the way up to the other end, at the Town Beach. Climb up the Town of Ios island by foot. Not from the main road, but from the wide steps that pass through the scenic courtyards and through the town houses. A pathway which was certainly taken by the inhabitants of Ios island in the antiquity to get from the Harbour to the fortified Town or Chora.

At the Town of Ios, or Chora as the locals call it, walk through its narrow pathways and numerous steps that lead to the highest point of the settlement, Panagia Gkremniotissa, and even higher to the church of Saint Nikolaos, the protector of sailors, that dominates the hills of the Town. Loose yourself amongst the scents of the flowers, cared for by most households in Ios island, and  the appetizing smells from the kitchens and the restaurants which are scattered around the Town.

During your holidays, enjoy an afternoon walk lost in the narrow streets of the Town while the sun begins to soften the bright white walls of its houses with the magical and warm nuances of the sunset. I dare you to walk from the Town up to Mylopota Beach and if after swimming, water sports, refreshing cocktails and great food you just don't have the energy to walk back uphill then you can always return to the Town with one of the frequent municipality buses available throughout the day.

You have to stroll around the Spring Square to take a quick look at the windmills and should take another walk up to the first Ancient Cycladic settlement of Skarkos just under the Town. The archaeological site of Skarkos  has won awards back in 2008 for its configuration, maintainance and appointment. You will understand why once you see it for yourself.

Holidays in Ios island has another great characteristic. The island is a popular tourist destination for young people from around world and thus the difference in the average age of Ios tourists in relation to other Cycladic islands is visible throughout the summer. Young men and women fill Ios with positive energy and freshness.

Something else left me with a great impression in Ios island. The big square at the edge of the Town, for many decades and throughout the year kids play all day long. And wherever there are cheerful children running around it means that the place has a strong present and an even better future. Ios radiates exactly that: despite its small population she manages to stand up strong and celebrates the present and has even bigger expectations for its future. I wish to all of you a great time in Ios. Enjoy your holidays!