Crazy Cake Hole - Terry Skillett

Most of the island's tales and myths refer to the spirits who protect the land from bad omens and bring good luck to their inhabitants and their pastimes. Often those 'good spirits' are local Saints and protectors and more often Virgin Mary herself.

Crazy Cake Hole - Terry Skillett

Ιn Ios island, not in dire need of more protectors, having 365 churches, I felt that I met a good spirit when I first started talking with the gentleman Terry Skillett at his small cafe, the Crazy Cake Hole on the pathway next to the Metropolis Church of Ios island.

In the dollhouse-like Crazy Cake Hole cafe you will find coffees, refreshments and drinks, but above all you will find delicious homemade sweets and traditional Anglosaxonic style cakes that will wake up your pallet. If you are lucky enough you might meet Terry, and if he's got the time he can let you know a bit more about Ios island. He will give you great tips and information  and his love for the island will be passed on to you immediately. 

Terry Skillett apart from being the owner of the cafe, he is a tennis instructor, he organizes great walks on the island of Ios in small groups up to 6 people either by car or boat. If you would like to get a hold of Terry you can reach him on 0030 22860 91377 and 0030 6972611610 or just visit him at his cafe for a coffee and a chat at Crazy Cake Hole.

Τel: 0030 6977626649
Ios Island